Student Highlight: The Best Policy?

Students spent last week working on the expository writing prompt: Why honesty is important in a friendship? Here is Kaylee J.’s excellent piece!!
In a friendship, honesty is very important. Because without honesty there is no trust, and without trust there is no real friendship. And if you don’t have friends then you’ll become less social around others and you won’t be as willing to open up to others.There is actually a saying that backs me up whenever it concerns honesty. And the saying goes, ” Honesty is always the best policy” What do you believe the best policy is? Do you think it’s honesty? Or do you believe the best policy is something else?

Let’s face it, without honesty you will never get anywhere in life. One little white lie can eventually grow to become a gargantious lie that can instantly turn your life upside down! So the point I’m trying to get to is I believe honesty is really truly the best policy! If you aren’t open to being honest with your friends, and your friends aren’t open to being honest with you, then you can never have a true friendship with that person.

I remember when I was in first grade there was this girl who’s name was Carlie Mickduggle who was a very close friend of mine. In first grade I didn’t have many friends because of my somewhat nerdy looks and my shy aditude. Well one day at recess, me, Brittany, Becca, and Carlie were playing near the monkey bars when Carlie said, ” Hey, let’s go play on the monkey bars!” And Brittany replied, ” But isn’t Kaylee afraid of heights?” At that I replied, “I-I am, but that’s kind of one of my secrets, s-so please don’t tell anybody!” And she replied ” I promise!” I remember her telling me. But the next day, Trey Dellani the first grade bully came up and said, ” So you’re afraid of heights huh, what a wimp!” And then I asked, ” H-How did you find out?” And whenever he told me that Carlie had told everyone, I was so mad that when I saw her at lunch I said, ” Y-You betrayed me! I had asked you not to tell anyone and you told the whole first grade! I’ll never say a word to you as long as I live!” And from that day on, Carlie has always been the quiet one with no friends.

And that’s why honesty is so very important in a friendship.