ELA Curriculum

6th Grade ELA Course Description

During the middle-grade years, both on their own and with their peers, students read a variety of informational texts as well as four major types of literary texts: fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama. They also learn to respond to texts in a variety of ways. Students examine facets of an author’s craft.
In the sixth grade, students use writing to entertain, to inform, to describe, and to persuade. They plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish narrative and expository writing. They pay careful attention to the author’s craft—examining the content and development, the organization, the quality of voice, and the correct use of Standard American English conventions in their own writing and in the writings of others. They also learn to use a variety of sentence structures to express their thoughts in both oral and written form.
The research process offers adolescents the opportunity to be actively involved in learning about topics that are relevant to their lives and that appeal to their interests. Sixth graders access information in print and electronic forms and use both primary and secondary sources as reference materials. Using evidence to support the ideas they examine, they properly credit the work of others by documenting the sources they have used.

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