25 Word Story

As a part of our Quadblogging experience, you are invited to participate in the 25 Word Challenge!

Using the image below, write a 25 word story.



Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


These are the rules:

  1. Anyone may enter a story. It might be a grade story, a group story or an individual story.
  2. All stories entered must be EXACTLY 25 words long.
  3. You may submit your story as a comment on this post.
  4. We will read one another’s stories and leave feedback by clicking on the ‘reply’ button.
  5. Storywriters may like to revise their story based on the feedback they get, and then submit it again.

Good luck everyone! Let’s get writing.

45 thoughts on “25 Word Story

  1. The alien landed, so I jumped on the tree as fast as I could. Slime trickled by my feet, the alien was very close by.

  2. There once was a lovely,young boy who loved to climbed trees. That’s until he died. He was attacked by a monster (squirrel) and fell.

  3. I was there, up in the tree all by myself when suddenly i heard a snap and i fell out. My leg is was broken.

  4. I woke up and found myself hanging by a thread on a old tree where was the tree, nobody new I was scared, very scared.

  5. The grass in my garden was fire so I climbed the tallest tree. I was scared so I climbed for my life. This was freaky!

  6. The person was chasing me. I ran to the nearest tree and jumped on it as high as possible.It was trying to grab me.

  7. As I climbed up the massive tree, I posed for the camerea,not knowing how high I was up that tree,about to fall down….

  8. He was coming closer… The man with a gun! I scrambled up the tree as fast as i could! Oh don’t worry it’s only dad!

  9. I was in my house waiting for my mother hoping she will return from the flooding.I was watching the news hoping she will survive…

  10. how dare they cut down those trees if there gonna do that i might as well hug one until they stop action of cutting trees.

  11. One sunny sun shiny I was sat on my bed bored.All of a sudden I was in the park , oh look a boy in a tree.

  12. I was terrified ,what could I do? This massive beast of a monster was chasing me I had to think quickly.I grabbed a tree!

  13. The thing was near by,he could feel it’s presence. Then suddenly it jumped at him and bought down the entier park with it. bye

  14. Where was I who was I why was I how was I.
    On an old abandoned tree that’s where I was on an old tree.

  15. A small unidentified creature was chasing after me. My heart was pounding fast, the only way to escape was to leap onto the nearest tree.

  16. The edarley boy ran up to the tree and climbed it.Later he got very frighten and figure he was to high from the ground.

  17. The little boy looks like he is climing the tree to see how hight he can go to win a climing race to beat people.

  18. I was in the resturaunt.There was an old man cooking so i went up to him and said hey i need some chicken to-go.

  19. I felt sad and hopeless to my parents,feeling lonely. I whisper to myself one last time. I find i had a smile for me.

  20. The mischievous little boy ran to the tree and eagerly climbed onto it. His mother sternly called his name – but he paid her no mind.

  21. The boy ran on the tree to hide from his dad and his mom because he was misbehaving in school. The cops found him hiding.

  22. The boy ran up the tree because a dog was maybe chasing him an the dog ran when the mother yelled’ leave him alone now!’

  23. There was a boy that cilming up the tree smiling at evrey body that passed his way then this mother was taking the pic.

  24. Jake loved climbing trees!! His biggest dream was to climb a tree! He wanted to be known as “Trake” with the tree and Jake together!!

  25. Even though, I was near a tree but when I saw a UFO and I jumped on the tree and climbed it to save myself.

  26. i climbed a massive tree when a alien space ship appeared out of no where and abducted Mrs Kelly before stealing a house and vanishing

  27. The white rabbit jumped out of a hole in the ground then it began to talk to the boy,so the frightened boy climbed the tree.

  28. I was climbing up a tree when a saw the fattest squirrel ever and it broke the branch I was sitting on, I hate squirrels.

  29. I love to climb trees it is my life. But sometimes I fall but that cannot stop me from doing my hobby which is climbing trees.

  30. They were taking family photos and he was in the tree smiling wating for his mom to take the picture and hopeing he would’nt fall.

  31. All of a sudden I woke up and was so surprised about where I was. I was on a tree! Wow. How crazy is that!

  32. The boy was scared of the small dogs so he climbed the tree to get away. But the boy got stuck and was worried.

  33. i don,t like claming trees because it hurts if you fall down itand some times they are unstable and they have bugs in it also

  34. I didn’t want to do it. If I had a choice I would have run for the hills. I got to the top, its awesome.

  35. I went up a tree and stayed there mainly because I was thinking. So I jumped out and hurt myself really bad. I went home.

  36. They where taking family pictures in a tree because he loves to climb trees and was hugging it so he would not get hurt

  37. I climbed the menacing tree, and screamed to it’s twisting limbs,”you don’t scare me,” and scurried down as fast as I could go down.

  38. I was in the savanna grasslands a giant animal was heading toward me I looked around for a moment and graabed a tree now Im safe

  39. Today my teacher said act like you climing a tree so I decied to act like a monkey instand to do what the she say.

  40. I climbed the menacing tree, and screamed to it’s twisting limbs, “you don’t scare me,” and scurried down the side as fast as I could.

  41. Jonny must keep trying to climb that tree, so he can shake all the branches.
    Hopefully we will get lots of conkers to play with !

  42. Adam hated trees. alien smaller than him were following him around. He got agitated there was a tree next to him so he climbed up???

  43. I climbed the tree to get away from the gelatine monster who was chasing me. Someone spray some water to dissolve him. I hate jelly!

  44. i got stuck in a tree and can’t get down because he was so scared of heights but he slipped out of the big tree

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