Orange SHirt     Mrs. Carla M. Jefferson
 Contact Info:

Email: Carla.Jefferson@darlington.k12.sc.us

Office Phone: 843-326-7781
After Hours Phone:  843-212-6675

Planning Period:  1st Period (8:05 – 9:04)


Welcome to my 6th grade English Language Arts Class! I am a 17 year veteran teacher having taught 6th and 8th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies in North and South Carolina.

My classroom website will have EVERYTHING you need. Lost a homework assignment? Need to review a weekly contract? Want to print out a copy of the notes we took? It’s all here!

You can contact me at Carla.Jefferson@darlington.k12.sc.us. My office phone number is 843-326-7781. You can also leave me a note here . I will contact you back as soon as possible.

Mrs. Jefferson

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello Mrs Jefferson
    I have come to visit your wonderful class blog from the Student Blogging Challenge. You certainly have some some effective posts and I love your use of media and the variety of the media.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Hello Miss Jefferson, I am just about to send you a postcard from North Yorkshire, England, as part of the postcard project. I can’t imagine two schools that are more different. You obviously have a lot of ENERGY! If you’re a veteran and I have taught 20+ years what does that make me?
    I am pleased to be your first Flag from England.
    You might like to visit my school site
    I suggest you perhaps look at the photos and questions page.
    I look forward to getting a postcard back and I’ll put it on our wall of honour. If we can be of help, shout up.
    Mr E

  3. Mrs. Jefferson, you have a great blog already. I was surprised to see you have only gotten started this school year. I saw many new things on your blog. I am blogging with 7th and 8th graders now, and I am in the challenge to get ready to blog with students too. Krebs’ Class Blogs
    Have fun,

  4. Hi Mrs. Jeff, I just checked out your site since we are going to be Quadblogging partners. I’m very excited to see what our classes can do together, as we will be quite a different group. My 6th graders are still in Elementary School, so will probably have lots of questions about middle school.
    Our blog is mrsharveychampions.blogspot.com
    Come visit us!

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