Out of My Mind Skype Session!

On last Thursday 25 lucky students were able to participate in a Skype session with Mrs. Jones’ class. Mrs. Jones and her students are in Iowa!  We discussed our Global Read Aloud book, Out of My Mind and asked each other questions about Melody, her situation, and what would we do if we were Melody in certain situations.  Students then were able to blog a reflection of the experience.  Here are a few:

Kaylee J:

Today was Skype day, we got on there and asked a bunch of questions and received answers from students in Iowa. It was really fun, I got to answer a question or two, I think next time everyone should get to say at least one question. I’m so glad I was able to participate in the Skype session, it was a blast getting to talk to students just like me from a different state!


Brianna W:

It was awesome this Skype with Mrs.Jones class was cool because I have never Skyped before so it was a new and cool experience for me.  I hope that my class can Skype agen because it was cool and we got to skip 7th period.  I wish we would have had better connection so we could see them better.  Now I am ready for the next Skype.

And here we are!